Asurion's Global Navigation

How we built our flagship global header

and drove clear seamless navigation 
across all our services for all our customers


Redesign and build a global navigation header to all Asuroin’s products and services. Today the experience is broke, there is no consistency, and it’s hard for the user to navigate.

The goal

Seamless and easy to use global navigation experience of all the services in Asurion, Feel like one service product, and help customers in orienting themselves to different areas.

The design team

Eliya Eshet, Yuval Ezov, Michelle Haft, Kerry Korrer, Aviran Revach, Chris Pace, and many talented developers.

The Collaboration Teams

The Strategy is the flagship site where their customers can discover, initiate and manage any and all Asurion Tech Care service. Much like any best-in-class service, presenting a unified global navigation that persists throughout the online experience helps customers clearly understand where they are and orient themselves to and from different areas of navigation. It reduces cognitive load for our customer, increases confidence in our services, builds brand recognition, and ultimately drives more organic service discovery.

Isolated islands just didn't work

Historically, we treated as simply an informational marketing site. We isolated many of our digital experiences on different urls away from e.g, partner dashboard/hub/account experiences, Horizon and RTM claims experiences — creating islands that don’t connect clearly to each other for ease of navigation and discoverability. We siloed our customers based on their partner affiliation or a singular user need of the moment.


Getting lost in the navigation

Customers easily got lost in the navgiation of the single-use websites

Inconsistency between experiences

Inconcisstency and broken experiences between the different services

UI Is not aligned to the foundations

The UI was not aligned to Asurion’s foundations and design system guidelines.

Overwhelming information

Overwhelming amount of information on the current site.

A global header component means that we are committed to every digital experience having the ability to adopt this unified Global Header, making any context-specific configurations as needed to the sub-components and content presented within them. Therefore we collaborated with a lot of stakeholders and strategic teams in this effort.


Bring into a seamless experience

Bring all of our customers together into a seamless, global experience all on, with global access to all of our services regardless of partners, subscriptions or where they are in their tech lifecycle.


Seamless experience

Bring all of our customers together into a seamless, global experience with access to all of our services

between services

Ensured consistency between services and throughout the flow

Simplify the navigation

Reduce the amount of information, simplify the navigation.

Align to the design system

Overwhelming amount of information on the current site.


Ideation, research to craft

At first, we gathered all relevant stakeholders and leadership from different strategic areas and teams that are responsible for the user’s entrance to the product, to collaborate and work together on this effort.
We met every week, and also worked async on Slack, mapped the needs of the consumers, collected the current states of different navigations we had on the different services, and brainstormed together.​
After exploring global navigations of other products across the net as a reference to see how they handled a complex navigation header, we sketched many ideas and options followed by the mapping, and weekly design reviews, while aligning the design to the foundations and design system.
We worked closely with developers and UX engineers so we could prototype and improve the work alongside the in-progress design process. That way we could catch edge cases in advance.

Responsive, Documentation, And Component Structure