I’m Yuval Ezov, a versatile Principal Product Designer who thrives in high-impact environments, ambitious teams, and a great culture.

I’m super organized, a fast learner and passionate about problem-solving. Always looking to learn and adapt new ways of work and new skills.

I care a lot about the workspace culture, I’m a devoted team member, and I always seek to make authentic relationships with the people I work with. I tend to bring a spirit of nonsense and fun alongside professional and pleasant work.​
As a product designer, I always think about providing a valuable and satisfying experience to the user through in-depth design thinking and creativity, while driving business impact, alongside supporting the company's goals and vision.

Whenever I design, I strive to streamline the workflow while maintaining a high-quality experience and aesthetic design. I dive to understand the purpose of the product, and define edge cases and anticipated obstacles in advance.

During the years I have equipped myself with various professional skillsets. I’m a Figma lover and expert, have excellent attention to micro-interactions and small details, and also acquired knowledge of code which proved to be a huge benefit. I worked in various design fields such as web and app design, design systems, OPS, motion, and more.

In my free time, I'll most likely be found doodling weird and cute things, playing on special and unique musical instruments, or having fun with my family including my little crazy dog.