Digital Pantam

The best Pantam / Handpan simulation app

Digital Pantam is your personal music instrument that you can take anywhere and play anytime with no doubt. The app gives you the ability to explore and play a wide range of musical scales around the world. While easily playing beautiful and relaxing melodies, recording your own music - and sharing it with the world!

Who, What, Why

Music and design are a big part of my life, and as one of the Pantam / Handpan players family, I had no doubt that the moment would come and I would take a part in creating a Handpan simulation application. Deep down, I know that it is impossible to replace or duplicate the feeling and sound that the real Pantam instrument produces, but the desire to try, and give a digital answer to those who want to play the Pantam anywhere and anytime, allowed me to reach this result. Together with Roni Lekar (an awesome developer) we have developed Digital Pantam – An Handpan Simulation App.

Our awesome Features:

• Wide range of musical scales from around the world (More than 50+ !)
• Popular scales included: Kurd, Hijaz, Raga, Celtic, Integral, Harmonic minor and many more
• Multi-touch (for playing chords combinations)
• Shakers to play along as extra notes (Maracas, Bells, Tambourine, Tabla, Bongos)
• Relaxing animation effects
• Record your own music
• Gallery of your recorded tracks
• Share your music with friends
• Super easy to use and play
• Many awesome packages on our store
• More features are coming soon!

Who is Digital Pantam for?

• Pantam players who want to practice and composing music anywhere & anytime

• Complete beginners who want to explore the instrument/scales before buying one

• Advanced & professional players

• Meditation facilitators

• Those who do not know how to play at all

• Absolutely everyone