Keepet. Help Them Find Their Way Home

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Keepet was founded in order to aid in the treatment of stranded animals and to ultimately help them find a home.

Mediating between all existing entities, Keepet makes it easy to help animals – yours and those around you. Keepet also offers a platform to help animal owners find the closest services vets, trainers, pet equipment stores, etc, making it simple to find the necessary care and treatment for your pet.

What is Keepet?

Keepet (Keep + Pet) is a venture, started in 2014, from a small idea between friends, and a huge shared love for all kinds of animals. We developed the project as part of the Novus competition – Entrepreneurship Center, The College of Management Academic Studies and we won 3rd place in the competition out of 20 other ventures designed to help and create environmental and social change.

The Problem

In recent years we have been exposed to many cases of animal abuse, abandonment, neglect, and accidents. Most animals roam freely unattended and do not receive appropriate assistance or treatment on time. This is a result of failure of communication between the various caregivers and due to the inability of the bystander to handle the case properly.


The most common calls are various emergencies due to:

road accidents, health injury, animal abuse, travel to a veterinarian for medical attention as soon as possible, vacancies for animal welfare and continued care, finding short or long term art, and requests for adoption.

Most of the information is published on social networks, and as a result creates a multitude of groups, duplication of alerts, incorrect data, or lack of concrete information to provide assistance to the animal.

Information that falls between the lines leads to immediate danger to those animals and sometimes ends up in cases like road accidents, abuse, and even death.

Inability to track event development, catch up, and update in real time.

The Solution

The solution we offered is a social platform that connects the reporter with a pool of volunteers and professionals. With a variety of options concentrated in one place, the process of providing assistance becomes short and effective, increasing the amount of volunteers who help, and increasing the percentage of animal rescue. 

The solution on the tip:

Simplifying the reporting procedure will result in greater co-operation of the bystanders passing by the event, and increase the number of animals receiving assistance.
The app collects event details as the user records, monitors its location, and sends the details to the relevant pool and volunteers.
Updating the reporting data in real time so that at any given moment the user can receive notifications of events nearby, know which factors are involved, and even prioritize the person who has committed to the shortest treatment time.

The Goal

The purpose of the app is to make order within the mess, and not necessarily replace social networks. Keepet coordinates all the different reports in one neat and accessible place, so that the various assistants can give quick and efficient treatment.
The team lectures about Keepet at Google
Reuven Terem and Yaron Levin

The Reports

You can upload different reports based on your exact location. In this way, Keepet optimizes the listing and enables the right assistance and treatment in the shortest and best possible way.

Animal Found

an unattended roaming free animal, abandoned or fled.


newborn puppies who are looking for a home, or removing an animal for a variety of reasons.


an injured animal was involved in a car accident, abused, or stolen and needs immediate care and assistance.

Lost Animal

a dog that has been lost, run away, or stolen and its owner cares and wants to find them.


Using the app should be simple and as a result the numbers of animal rescue volunteers will increase. One photo, a description, and reporting increases your chances of helping another distressed animal.

We Finished In Third Place!

Keepet's venture won 3rd place! (out of 20 other ventures) In the Novus competition - Entrepreneurship Center.

Thank You!