Things I do and love

Here's a little peek at other things I like to do or have done in the past.
Highlighters Markers

I like to doodle monsters and weird things.

It’s hard for me to remember when my love for monsters with lots of eyes began, but it’s always been a part of me, to this day. In this project, I sketch and doodle weird things with highlighters-markers because it’s shiny and fun. When I turn on ultra-violet lights it just suits the weird-cute-scary personalities I imagined.

Product Design, UI & UX, Micro-Interaction

During my design work, I love adding extra value and joyful experiences to the users.

When I work on projects I dive into details and look for the places to give extra value and a fun experience to the user through micro-interaction behaviors, motion and video alongside the usage itself. I like to bring things to life through interaction. 

figma plugins

I learned how and develop my own Figma plugins to streamline the design workflows.

While working, my nature is to streamline work methods to be the fastest, best and smartest. I knew that I needed a plugin for part of what I wanted, so I decided to learn the API of Figma, and develop small and straightforward plugins, that helped me work faster, and in a more organized way. I set a keyboard shortcut that turns on the plugins (such as titles, navigation arrows, and comments) and of course, I shared it with the Figma community and with my co-workers.

figma ASSETS (NEW)

Sharing my "Simple Comment Feedback" component Figma file.

Here is my open working file with the comment and feedback component I created. This is the simplest and lightest version of the component. This is so that anyone can take it, use it and streamline their work, and if needed, build and customize it to suit their needs. This component was designed to help with asynchronous joint work by designers and teams around the world. It provides a quick visual way to present review comments and visually indicate their progress and status.

Print and Branding

I got to experiment with a variety of printing styles.

Product in the physical world that you can actually hold, and it’s all made of your design is very satisfying. Here are a few examples of branding, printing, and craft projects I’ve worked on in the past.

Product Design, Micro-Interaction

Techlist was my first onboarding assignment.

One of my first onboarding-assignment, when I joined Soluto (by Asurion), was to explore a new feature called “Techlist”, and suggest ideas as to what this feature should be, feel and look like.



Techlist is a shared checklist for family members and their experts, where users can ask experts to do different tech tasks for them and their families. With the Techlist users don’t need to be in a live session. It’s more for less-urgent tasks. Just let the expert know what you want to get done, and the expert will take it from there.


In 2017, I initiated a collaborative project called "Worm Project" with talented artists.

The Worm Project is a collaborative, creative initiative a group of designers, painters, photographers, animators, and artists, join together to compose a single work of art. We made it on the Instagram platform, but it can live anywhere.

branding music festival

In 2015, we organized the first Pantam Handpan Festival in Israel.

Designs for the first music festival in Israel that is all about the Pantam (Handpan). Amazing musical artists who play different instruments and are led by the Pantam drum. You can read more on the Handpan on my PanTabs Project page or you can read more on the festival event in the Facebook event.


Say hello to my digital sketchbook.

I love drawing, illustration and doodling whenever I get free time for myself. Sometimes with markers and sometimes with digital tools. Here are a few digital things I’ve made.


Capture moments and memories through photography.

I really like to capture a moment through photography and convey a story. I worked on a variety of photography projects, and there are photographs that accompany me from different times in my life.

3d Art

On my free time, I enjoy experimenting with 3D design.

Throughout my work, I acquired skills in 3D design and experimented with different software. It was definitely a tool that helped me produce cool products!

Shenkar College

Here are some projects I did while studying at Shenkar.

It was really fun to work on many projects while studying in college, here are some highlights from my works at Shenkar – Engineering. Design. Art. – Visual communication college.

Keepet App

In 2014, I participated in a competition with the goal of saving more animals in the world.

Keepet is a Concept-Project (part of a contest) that was intended to aid in the treatment of stranded and lost animals and to help them find their home. A small idea between friends, and a huge shared love for all kinds of animals led us to develop the project as part of the Novus competition – Entrepreneurship Center, The College of Management Academic Studies, and we won in the 3rd place.