PanTabs – How to play the Pantam

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My final project at Visual Communication – Shenkar College that called “PanTabs” – is the development of a visual language of musical notes for a modern instrument called “Pantam”. The project is now on display in the annual student exhibition in Shenkar. (Ended Jul 2019)

Pantam is a metalic musical instrument, hand made. It was first invented in the year 2000. Also known as HandPan / Hang Drum. Because of it’s unusual structure and order of musical notes, it became difficult to read and write music in the conventional way, and most Pantam players do not use it.

My project offers a solution to this problem, by developing a new, well-defined visual representation of musical notes, tailor-made for this instrument. In addition, this new language will help new players to learn how to play the Pantam.

In the exhibition I present instruction manuals for playing the Pantam, that utilize the language that I have developed.
Since each Pantam is tuned to a different scale and has a different number of notes, each booklet is intended for a different Pantam (total 5 examples).

On the cover of each booklet there is a unique shape, a visual code representing the notes and intervals of the Pantam scale. In this manner, each scale receives a “visual name”. The players can scan this barcode with their phone camera (with Artivive App), and hear the scale in the application. In addition to the booklets, you can watch video tutorials and listen to music samples.

The Shenkar annual student exhibition is opened on Sun-Thu, from 10:00-22:00. Yeda Am st. No. 8 Ramat Gan. You’re invited, hope to see you there! (Ended)

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