Totem Monster - Night Lamp

A night lamp that summon the animal spirit within you and will help you get through the night without any fear.

During my studies at Shenkar – Visual Communication College, I was asked to invent a new ritual or holiday. I chose to invent a new and modern ritual for children who are afraid to go to bed in the dark at night because their fear of monsters.

I was inspired by animals-totem, totem-poles and the zodiac circle of the Native Americans. The parent actually creates a dialogue with the child before going to sleep, trying to figure out where his fears are coming from and how they can be overcome. Children go through a lot of experiences during the day and learn every day about themselves – the goal of making the child talk, in order to know how to overcome the fears that sometimes expressed in the imagination of monsters at night.

Totemonster is actually a 12-part night lamp, when only three parts can be inserted in the lamp itself, but can be replaced anytime. Each monster-animal has different character traits and powers-that the child can choose according to his "need" that he feels in that night. The ritual begins with the parents together, but slowly the child will get the independence to do it alone, to understand himself, to hold onto his imagination and overcome the fears.